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Why "B Boxes"?

Convenience: No more searching for odd sized boxes at liquor stores or other vendors. B & B Moving Services will deliver the “B Boxes” to your home free of charge at a time that is convenient to you. Pack and unpack at your leisure. When you are completely unpacked, simply call B & B Moving, and we will pick up the “B Boxes” free of charge. No mess, no hassle!

Simplicity: All of our boxes are uniform, so they are easy to move around and stack. People find that things look much more organized when they use “B Boxes.” Your movers will love you for it also!

Protection: “B Boxes” are made of a reusable plastic. This plastic protects your belongings much greater then an ordinary cardboard box. Also, since it is plastic you don’t have to worry about outside liquids damaging the cardboard and your belongings.

Environment: “B Boxes” are eco-friendly. Since they are cleaned and reused, there is less waste and damage to our environment. Mother Nature will thank you!

Cost Effective: “B Boxes” are the same price (if not less expensive) than buying new boxes and are delivered and picked up (for free with a package) saving you time and money!

The future of packing for your move is finally here!

Free Delivery & Pickup on “B Box” Packages!


"B Box" Pricing

The pricing for "B Boxes" depends on how many you need, and how long you need them for.

Per “B Box” Price:

1 Week: $ 3.50
2 Weeks $ 5.00
3 Weeks $ 6.00
Additional Weeks $ 1.00

"B Box" Packages

1 Bedroom Package 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks +Weeks
25 "B Box" Moving Boxes $79 $109 $129 $20
2 Bedroom Package
35 "B Box" Moving Boxes $109 $139 $159 $25
3 Bedroom Package
50 "B Box" Moving Boxes $149 $189 $219 $30
4 Bedroom Package
70 "B Box" Moving Boxes $199 $249 $299 $35

Recycled Packing Paper

25 lbs/ 425 sheets: $30

* $25 charge for lost or misplaced “B Boxes”
* $30 delivery charge for orders under 25 “B Boxes”